U-Haul Dealership

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Moving to or from Portsmouth, RI? Or need to pick up some home improvement supplies or make deliveries for your business?

Aquidneck Auto Repair offers a wide range of vans, trucks, trailers, boxes, and other moving supplies.

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U-Haul rental trucks are engineered for maximum driver comfortability and safety, allowing you and your family to handle your move easily.

U-Haul Trucks Feature:

  • Automatic Transmission
  • Air Conditioning
  • Gentle-Ride Suspension
  • Additional Mirrors
  • Fuel-Efficient V-8
  • SRS/Air Bags
    Aquidneck Auto Repair, LLC

Vans and trucks come in a range of sizes capable of assisting with any size move, from a studio apartment, to a large four-bedroom house. And our cargo vans or pickup trucks are perfect for local businesses looking to make some deliveries, or to help college students move in for the semester.

UHAUL AUTHORIZED DEALERCall us today and get a truck for as little as $19.95!

Pickups/cargo vans: Small jobs

10' truck: Studio/ 1-bedroom apartment

14' truck: Apartment up to 2 bedrooms

17' truck: House up to 2 bedrooms

20' truck: House up to 3 bedrooms

24' truck: 3-4 bedroom house

26' truck: 4+ bedrooms